Monday, November 05, 2007

Innocent? Yeah right

Walkie talkies!, originally uploaded by Theorris.

This is the child who perpetrated the crimes mentioned below, and many more. I settled down into a depressed teen after my father died, driven by an unknown future.

That's bound to make anyone stop doing stupid things.

Now that I've outlived Elvis, however, I feel the prankster or hellion in me returning.

Ok, it never left.


  1. The pictures you post of your childish self are unbelievable. Life is strange, no?

  2. Why are they unbelievable?

  3. Now days, you could qualify for the gifted and talented class.

  4. "unbelievable" means "strangely moving," but thought that was too weird to say. And now: I've said it. Ta Da!