Monday, November 26, 2007

It must be some Commie plot!

Overheard in Craig Mecham's* excutive board room: "What? You can make use of old buildings if you take care of them? What nonsense is that!?"

*Mecham is the developer slavering to tear down Sugar House, SLC, Pretty Great State, Californicated, United States, The Universe.


  1. That is a beautiful building. Look at those windows!

  2. Yes, isn't it? We have no right to destroy the past just because of our negligence. This building has served Price, Utah for many decades and will continue to serve it because the people there know they can't just go knocking down buildings at their fancy. They understand what it means to be "conservative". They know that knocking down perfectly fine buildings is not a solution but an eventual problem. Too bad the suckers in SLC don't understand that building multi-million dollar buildings with 20 year life spans is NOT sustainable.


  3. Well put! A couple of other thoughts/rants: buildings should never be demolished for parking lots, and slumlords should never be rewarded with demolition permits for letting their buildings suffer neglect. Too many loopholes and exemptions exist for those who claim hardship (that they'll lose money if not allowed to demolish and redevelop). I say "too bad." The property owner took that risk when they bought the place. Buying real estate always involves risk. (Duh!) If the building isn't maintained and hence loses value, the owner must accept the blame and any losses incurred as a result.

    That's the polite version. The other version involves cursing, head banging and shouting....I'll spare you.

  4. Well don't restrain yourself from swearing here AE!

  5. Nooooooo! The last vestiges of my high school experience gone!