Sunday, June 05, 2022

Lost Dog

I saw a lost dog this morning
Cantering uneasily, its head
Looking back and forward
Trying to scan where it had
Been towards where it was
Going, not recognizing either

I was walking too but knew 
Where I was going: down the 
Block from my house for 
Exercise and back again;
Down to the far corner
Where three roads meet at
Odd angles. There were no
Cars on the roads,  and the
Dog stuck to the sidewalk
Still, I worried about him and
Turned to watch him jog
Down the block, and turned to

But the dog was faster than
me, and I wasn't about to break
Into a jog myself. I don't need
That kind of exercise hammering
My old knees and then he took
A corner turn at the big maple,
Gone from my view so I turned
Around and continued on to