Thursday, August 24, 2017


Sometimes you wonder
Sometimes when they ask you
Sometimes when they say
Sometimes you just want

Across the street a kid is on his scooter
He is using the neighbor's driveway
To pull a keen powerslide

Sometimes you think
Sometimes you hope
Sometimes you powerslide

And then it drops, if you want to learn
To powerslide, I would recommend
That you find a brand-new road

This kind of concrete here is fine
But don't be going too slow
You want to go a nice
Medium speed


Friday, January 20, 2017


You know it is deadly,
Composed of gasoline
Burned and unburned;
Passed through a
(You know it is.)

You know that when you breath
It burns the back of your throat,
Like an unfiltered

You know all this,
But still it is beautiful
As it splays headlights
Into beams of unholy light;
As it twists around street lamps
Landing gently on the cold
Smoothing the world with a
Cold, unclean hand.