Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Heart of the Continent

 So many centers
So many lights

                                        Where do you think you are?

Where do you think you should be?

We used to unfold maps
                                            Crease by crease
And there we were
At the heart
                        Of the Continent

Folding them back 
                                Was impossible

Never right

                    Always crumpled and scrunched

The Heart of the Continent

                            Never back where it should be

Where you should be

Where you think you should be

So many centers so many lights

So many dots

So so many lines

Heart of the Continent

Thursday, October 08, 2020

What if I Prefer to Sell My Property

 There are a lot of different options being considered

No, that doesn't have 

I will stand my ground no matter what

I am more hopeful than worried

There are solutions that we don't even know they exist

Maxine Kumin died

She of the plane with her mother holding a package




Simple letter

She dies and it is still this year

It is still this shit

It is still this same

A package, you hold as the plane dives

And suddenly 



Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Cremate this

For over forty years
We have been simply
Updating our

Why aren't you dead
Yet?  Why can't we
Simply burn you

We don't use wood
Oh no no oH
That's not ergonomically

Simply simply simply
As we go on some light


But burn, we do.  Burn
And you'll just be scritchy
Puff bone and a lot of

We're just updating our

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Year 55

I was born in the eleventh hour
Fifty minutes and some odd seconds
My mother took the gas
Why wouldn't you, she would say

I was born in the eleventh hour
Umbilical cord wrapped around my
Neck, jaundiced, kept in the hospital

I was supposed to be dead
Choked by that which was
Supposed to sustain me

Well I'm alive.

I was born in the eleventh hour
Of some Aquarian dream

I used to like to keep fish
Until my twin Angel fish


That's what I got
Born in the eleventh hour
One January

My birthmark is hardly

(These Days)

I got other marks more visible
More diseases that puss up
On a regular basis

I was born in the eleventh hour