Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Crowning Taunt of His Indignities

It would have been simple
I want to type "she said" next
And I know why
(And she knows why)
So I switch screens

Click over there

The other screen

Where the song is
That I want to hear
All full of remind
A simple song
Two chords and the

Guitar beaten
Such wandering beauty
Such almost

But I am back here
You never left, did you?

Screens are masks where
Images of past remind
Us that we don't ever

I am back here
But I am over there
And I am under there
Where the music slides
Almost imperceptibly

You won't get it
Will you?

It is just summer.
Hate to bring reality into it
But I've got to figure out how
That works.

You're still there.

Stop that!