Monday, March 12, 2018

Tiny Little Ads

I: The pitchman

The valley pitchman
From his tiny, one bedroom

This is one of the most incredible things
That I have ever seen

It can make you a fortune
The secret, the secret no more than four
Or five days

Finding tiny, classified, little ads
Out of my one bedroom apartment
In four or five little 

For the last five years
I've been talking about this
For the last five years
Doing exactly what I've been
Talking about
For the last five or 
Four years

Out of my tiny, one bedroom

(About this)

Did you ever think you'd be depositing
Did you ever think if four or five tiny 
Little years
If you get started buying and selling
You might not want to do anything

My very own 1-900 line
You can be set up with your very own
1-900 line
Your very own
My very own
Tiny little very own ninehundred very tiny little own


They even take the calls for you
While you are sleeping you can even be
Making money

(While your are sleeping)

The most exciting thing you have ever done
I told all kinds of people and all lot them don't believe me

II: Slitting your own throat

no one knows what went through the mind 
of the valley pitchman when he sliced his
own throat

locked in a jail cell, after countable charges
were leveled against him. there were no 
supermodels there to comfort him.  no family
no one, tiny, little, person to stop his hand

A razor blade is simple

III: these days

A few people remember him
Mostly they mock him
Mostly they watch video of comics
Sending him up

And they vaguely remember 
What they were mourning 
Early in a cold, empty morning
Thirty years ago when the 
Pitchman was there profering

But there are a few who believe in 
Tiny little ads
That can bring salvation from a tiny 
One bedroom