Sunday, November 11, 2007


Not going anywhere near a computer yesterday/today is what I consider modern fasting. I fear this will be the standard for the next two weeks as I will be traveling extensively and cannot be sure of my connection. Oh well, so much for writing every day. Good luck to those of you who still have a heart and time for the project.


  1. What a big shot you are, what with the travelling extensively! I agree with you about no computer = fasting. It does have a cleansing effect, as well, to stay away. Not that I do stay away, unless there's no connection, a state that terrifies me, literally.

  2. I like to take myself off the net once in a while. I've been thinking of doing so for a month just as an experiment to see what it is like. That would have to be some time in December given that work these days pretty much requires constant access to email.

    I could blog about it if you like. Oh wait!