Friday, November 30, 2007

Outcomes assessment

I've noticed three things about the NaBloPoMo experiment:

  1. blog writing gets much more concise
  2. blogger's don't comment on other blogs as much
  3. a favorite topic of blogging is that one has to blog

The cause of each of these outcomes is the very pressure to blog. Blogging is concise, because one feels pushed to post something. Bloggers who are consequently pushed to write something, do not take the time to read other blogs and post comments. Given that the pressure of such blogging is higher than for folks who blog a few times a week, it becomes a topic in and of itself simply because it is a noticeable change in a blogger's life.

For whatever reason, I tend to blog a great deal more than my more discursive and more thoughtful blogging colleagues. No doubt this is because of my general fidgety nature. The upshot of this, however, is that the blog every day thing has not really been that big of a hassle for me. I am glad it is over, however, in that I won't feel compelled to write when I may not feel like it.

I am also glad it is over because my blogroll will get back to normal with long discursive explorations that I miss.


  1. Anonymous2:05 AM

    Yes, it's mostly a goddamn waste of time.

  2. Even I have a blog now.

  3. And what is the URL, Richelle?

  4. you can click on my name and see it or
    Trying to promote my writing after my yabba dabble doo alien article got some attention. I'm just not very good at promotion. The blog's a start.

  5. That's cool, Richelle. The web is enriched by your presence.

  6. "Deet and Triscuits" ha.