Monday, November 26, 2007

Brunch with the Jazz

Brunch with the Jazz, originally uploaded by Theorris.

A flickr contact is working on a linguistic project about how basketball fans talk, so a few of us gathered at Fiddler's Elbow to watch the Jazz smash the Pistons. These folks were not a part of our group, but, as you can see, were equally enthusiastic. I ate way too much bacon. It is nice to meet fellow Jazz fans. Most folks I know are rather ambivalent aside from Croin, Catinlap, Middlebrow, and Hightouch.


  1. "way too much bacon"--what is that? Looks like fun down there at the Elbow.

  2. I like how the paragraph comes un-hesed by the end...much like many of the papers I've been reading of late...