Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Wuthering wuthering wuthering

Ok women readers of Signifying nothing: What's up with Heathcliff?

Male readers: What's up with Cathy?

Everyone: what the hell does wuthering mean anyway?

Next post: What the hell is up with Rochester?/Jane Eyre?/Reader I married him?

Oh yeah: Kate Bush.


  1. It's that

    bad boy
    soul mate
    trying to fix someone

    thing that some of us women have.

  2. Is there anything comparable for the opposite sex?

  3. Though I loved Wuthering Heights when I read it, I love that Kate Bush song even more.

  4. I don't get the whole Cathy/ Heathcliff thing. I hate Wuthering Heights--ugh.

    On my trip, as we walked past manor houses and the like, we speculated on who we might have been back in the day. I decided I would be a governess--a Jane Eyre sort of person.

  5. I never liked Heathcliffe. I thought he was a horrible person and I have never understood why he was supposed to be romantic. I suppose we were to ask ourselves if he was a product of his environment and was just doing as was done to him. Nah, he made choices that just made him a d***k. (gads, I sound so harsh)

    And I am big-time into the classic, period-piece stuff. Loved Jane Eyre and the Jane Austen stuff. Give me accents and an era with buggies and I'm all over it.

  6. Has anyone here seen the 1970 Wuthering Heights with a young, dark, brooding Timothy Dalton as Heathcliff?


  7. Maybe you need to see the original movie of WH, with, is it Sir Laurence Olivier as Heathcliff? I always think of it when I read the book. I think it is part of that "I am so in love I have to die" era of literature. But it is definitely, as Cordelia says, that bad boy/good boy ("he's a gentleman/he's a monster") etc. You know, like the Madonna/whore thing that men have.
    And Jane Eyre is definitely different. Reader, I must go to sleep.

  8. I forgot to recommend "MTV's Wuthering Heights." Be sure to have plenty of alcohol while you watch it. Everything thing you might suspect MTV would do to the story, they did.

    Truly, truly awful. So awful, you should see it.

  9. Anonymous11:24 PM

    from merriam webster online--

    dialect English : to blow with a dull roaring sound

    how fabulous