Friday, August 19, 2005

Rules of Safe Life Handling for Emily Dickinson

  1. Always wear proper eye, face and ear protection especially designed to protect life.
  2. Never shoot a person who is not wearing proper protection.
  3. Treat every life as if it were loaded.
  4. Never look down the barrel of life.
  5. Never point life at anything you don't wish to shoot.
  6. Keep life on safe until ready to shoot.
  7. Store life unloaded in a locked place.
  8. Follow warning listed on life source for handing and storage.
  9. Do not shoot fragile objects such as windows.
  10. Life may cause staining of some pourous surfaces such as brick, stucco and wood.
  11. Always measure velocity before playing life.
  12. Never engage in vandalism.
  13. Do no use life for drive-by shooting.
  14. Do not modify your life in any way.

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