Friday, August 12, 2005

A scene from the road

A boy stands at the small-town coffee shop counter. He is on the verge of asking out the barista. She wears a tight fitting black AC/DC tee shirt with hip huggers and a Maltese cross belt. The tee shirt emphasizes the curve of her breasts what with the lightning bolt that serves as the slash between AC and DC. Her hair is beautiful and drops enticingly over her eyes rimmed in heavy black eyeliner. She is hot and he has tried his best to flirt with her, but she has been flirting with him better, admiring his tattoo (a lone birch leaf with hockey stick crossed behind it.) You can tell he is on the verge of asking her out because of his sideways glances to see if anyone is watching and whether, more importantly, she is watching him. He fumbles his money onto the counter and momentarily their hands meet as they both reach for the money at the same time.

1 comment:

  1. i saw something similar today. only it was at an Exxon station. And it involved a customer, and a "stocker" (not stalker) who also cuts hair. the slacker-ish/grunge guy was asking the stocker if she could cut his hair. It was all too amusing. PS, I miss you guys, you DDs! (that's the short hand of your pet name from me and john.)