Wednesday, August 03, 2005


So Ron is the only one who's broken a bone?


  1. Don't you hate the dearth?

    I have never broken a bone, although it's possible that there are breakage-like phenomena going on with my toes. I have no idea.

    I also recorded an extensive broken bone episode in my earliest blogs, when my son broke his forearm in a tragic basketball accident.

  2. Aside from various toe incidents which don't even get me good sympathy, I broke my wrist roller skating when I was like 11. It is so boring and stupid I shouldn't even relate.

    I got new roller skates (the cool white boot ones), I wasn't supposed to go out and try them until Mom woke up and could supervise. I promptly fell down and broke my wrist. I yelled to my brother to go get Mom. He hesitated knowing the concequences we were about to face. But finally decided I was hurt enough to face punishment for disobeying.

    She came out and told me it served me right.

  3. Ah yes, I recall it now. lisa b. you should link the "TBA" in the proper place below. (If you don't know, to get the "permalink" to you entry, righ click on the time/date stamp and select "copy link location." That will give you the proper URL.)

  4. I'v'e never broken a bone. But I have lots and lots of scars from ridiculous accidents.

  5. Tragic Basketball Accident: