Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blogacious commentator round up

  1. Kendrakoo has written a poem about being a woman.
  2. Sleepy E came close to a fist fight outside of Atlanta.
  3. Mid-B remembers Breaking Away.
  4. Ron of Counterintuitive is stuck in the looming semester.
  5. lisa b contemplates silence and child rearing.
  6. Cordelia illustrates a junk house.
  7. Snyder got married.
  8. lis wants to see hip studies in cultural studies classes.
  9. Dr. Write is stuck contemplating running.
  10. Charkes is very stuck illustrating dam hoses.
  11. Kim wonders about Cher fans.
  12. catinlap shares his cell phone pics.
  13. Jenny has been busy with her new digs and what not, but gives up the pictures of the afore-mentioned Snyder's nuptuals.
  14. the bunny has some knitting to do.
  15. D-Lo gives us a poem about beauty.
  16. I've given you a blogacious round up.


  1. Alas, I failed in my attempt to find your email address, so I had to just comment that you kick so much ass my friend. Much thanks for the glasses and paper globe, they look awesome. You the man!

  2. No problem.

    Email address is actually on the front end under contact.

  3. Oh front end is

  4. Ach, if the link for the bunny is supposed to be me, I surely hope you just got the link wrong and I'm not being chided for my flaky project follow through.

    After all, the knitting is being focused on Chris and Tif's little one.