Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Random thoughts while in the shower mostly not about fighting grizzlies

  1. I have never properly appreciated the music of Pat Benatar.
  2. Contacts are easier to put in after a shower.
  3. Benatar has a lot to make up for with "Hit Me With Your Best Shot."
  4. Is "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" about a physically abusive relationship?
  5. Why is the phrase "Bitch Factor Zero" funny? Is it akin to "Mother's Sanctity Grip?"
  6. I still think I could fight a grizzly bear and win.


  1. Were you by any chance belting out "Hit me with your best shot" while in the shower?

  2. Anonymous5:41 PM

    My sister is sure she could eat 100 of those oval mcdonald's hashbrowns. Confidence is a great thing.

  3. I will not comment on "Hit Me," as in general, I don't like "hit me" songs, including and especially "Hit Me Baby, One More Time." However, "We Belong" is a great song in the Benatar oeuvre, and perhaps in any oeuvre.

  4. Sometimes I think I really love Pat Benetar (I did love "We Belong"), but then I realize that I'm confusing her with Joan Jett, who totally rocks.

  5. I actually liked "hit me" in my teeny bopper days, ah the tragic mistakes of youth.