Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Its the end of summer as we know it

All my bloggity teaching friends are making me anxious what with all their posts bemoaning the end of summer (as we know it)---here---here---here. I know the feeling quite well, but as I work in the summer I don't feel it quite the way I used to. The end of summer used to seem like reckoning time: when reality hit for all one's great plans and you had to set them aside. Being that I only had 2 weeks of pure freedom this year, I was amazed at how enthused I am to be back at work. I entered by 2 weeks, however, with no major plans and accomplished all of them and more! Woot!

Some time ago I broke the school-year anxiety cycle. There are benefits to working a 12 month contract, after all. It can still creep back in, however, particularly when paper-response-time looms.

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  1. I kind of like the money that comes with working 12 months a year. It just gets kind of rough when those teachers and students show up again.