Thursday, February 21, 2008

"We don't support Chris Buttars Petition"

You might want to go sign the We don't support Chris Buttars Petition given that according to Utah political blogger Bob Aagard there is a pro-Buttars Eagle Forum petition out there.

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Update 7:44 pm, the same: petition signer #59 left this comment:

59.Unless you are citizens of West Jordan 90702your arrongant opinions are irrelavant !!

While I don't live there now, considering my ancestors pretty much founded the town, does that give me extra-cred in voting?

Obviously #59, a resident of Artesia, California, doesn't understand freedom of speech. Just because a person is not your elected representative, does not mean you cannot sound off about that person and their scurrilous behavior. Then again, #59, doesn't seem to have any problem with mouthing off about Utah politics from his or her wannabe Orange County home.

Funny, that.

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