Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Well after a very shaky, might I say butter-fingered start to tonight's game, the Jazz came to their senses and pulled out a great come-from-behind victory against the Pistons. I don't know what in the hell was going on in Minnesota (other than the Jazz may have been dazed by the continual howling of the timber wolf sound effect they apparently like to use ceaselessly in Minniapolis), but I'm glad they pulled out of it for a fine 1 and a half quarters tonight.

They actually looked like the playoff contenders they are.

On other victory from defeat fronts, House Bill 188 that I wrote about earlier that had shady intent on UTA, failed by 8 votes in the Utah House of Representatives. I received the following email from previously mentioned Representative X:
After hearing the floor debate today, I voted against HB188. Thanks for
writing and sharing your views on the bill and the role and management of
UTA. [Representative X]
Is this the end of statewide legislative meddling in what should be a locals only concern? Of course not. I still firmly believe that UTA should drop the "Utah" out of their name and switch to "Wasatch Transit Authority."

I also wrote and thanked Representative X for her vote and congratulated her on her service as she is retiring this term.

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