Sunday, February 24, 2008

Unknown future

Unknown future
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This is a recovered photo using Scott Kelby's 7-Point System for Adobe PhotoShop CS3 that I started on last weekend. It is well-thought-out instruction manual, that has the reader actually doing the projects instead of the normal explanation of what the PhotoShop function does. As the title suggests, Kelby has a 7-point system. In each lesson you pretty much do the same thing over and over and over again. The value of repetition in teaching cannot be underestimated. While you run the risk of boring your students, doing things over and over and over again is the sure way to know that a person is going to learn how to do it, and, more importantly in my book, why they are doing it.

You should see the original of this image--it is nearly black because I way underexposed it (due to my inability to think fast and change the shutter speed in manual mode on my camera.)

While still not a very good picture, at least I could pull something out of it.

Using blur, I was able to obscure, as well, how freaking dirty my kitchen floor is.

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  1. i like the obscuring of the floor trick -- too bad you can't do it in real life!

    i actually thought i might adopt a cat this weekend. But "Luigi," the front page tabby, got adopted before I could make it to the shelter. I did meet an equally cool black and white female named "Vega," but there just wasn't the same vibe, not the same chemistry....