Monday, June 04, 2007

The oddity of the Internets

Why in the hell would this comment

Hello, I learned that you produced Nightmare Theater in SLC and I grew up in Tooele. I remember watching it with my folks I was about 3 and I would like to know how the starting was. I would like to be able to view the opening again to find out why it scared me so much as a child. If you could please help me I would appriciate it. Please e-mail me at

Thanks Again


be found on this post over at The Eye of Orris

Found on stage at the Depot in Salt Lake City after their show, March 31, 2007. ("Note 38: Apples in Stereo Play List (authentic)")

What strange Internet voodoo is afoot? How do the Apples in Stereo even remotely relate to Nightmare Theater? What school of thought is teaching that I had some secret career as an infant producing bad local TV? Will the real Fireman Frank (he hosted both the Fireman Frank* kid show and the late-at-night Nightmare Theater*) be haunting this blog soon as other former SLC kid show hosts have done? Will he offer me copious amounts of unsolicited information about the seamy underbelly of the show? Will Janeen ever discover what truly frightens her?

*Both these shows, moreover, ended their run before I really remember them, although I do recall my siblings talking about them. (I have very vague memories of Fireman Frank, that's all.)

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