Thursday, June 07, 2007

20 things I'm doing instead of watching the hated Spurs play the Cavaliers

As I vowed previously, I will watch no more basketball this season. So instead of watching the opening game of the finals tonight I am

  1. shredding old bills
  2. listening to Ladytron
  3. vacuuming the poker table
  4. waiting on an old friend to return from Korea
  5. cleaning my computer's keyboard (it is nice an bouncy again)
  6. organizing my table
  7. listening to Girltalk
  8. filling the aquarium
  9. getting regular score updates
  10. listening to Yo La Tengo
  11. watering indoor plants that are suffering
  12. cleaning up spilled plant dirt
  13. Getting artwork and lyrics for all my iTunes songs
  14. throwing away dead plants
  15. wiping things down
  16. ignoring the game
  17. doing dishes
  18. sweeping
  19. listening to Amon Tobin
  20. writing this post on my bouncy clean keyboard

I have no idea what I'm going to do for the second half.

Drink beer?


  1. Hello, Mr. Productivity!

  2. I like using the iTunes artwork for my screensaver.

    My Cingular phone is about to die, I wonder if I can get a free iPhone out of AT&T if I sign a 20 year contract?