Monday, June 04, 2007

Almost famous

Number 1 shot of the day, originally uploaded by Theorris.

So in another fascinating Internet miracle, the State of Utah wants to use this photo in one of their publications. Well it isn't exactly the state of Utah, but a publicist working for the state tourism board. How much should I stick them for?


  1. wow, you hit the bigtime. Ask them for a million dollars and see if they will give you half a million. Or a billion.

  2. Charles has sold a couple of his, I think he researched how much to charge.


  3. Yeah, I know. I wonder, however, if they are thinking that since it is under a Creative Commons license that I am going to give it to them for free? Their ultimate goal, I suppose, is for non-commercial purposes (given that it is a state agency) but the company that is designing the brochure I am sure is making a profit. In any case, I don't know that a tourism pamphlet for the state can be considered "non-commercial purposes." It is an interesting situation. I will have to see what they say. They might not even want it because, as cropped, it doesn't fit the dimensions they are asking for.

  4. I'm with lisa b, ask for an astronomical sum. And do it as if it were the most ordinary thing in the world. Your standard fee.

  5. Woo hoo! I got 75 bucks and the book!

    I talked to a photographer friend and it seems I should be asking like 250, but it was a small run and I'm no pro at this, so I'll take the 75 and the vanity of having a book that will have a limited press run (only 5,000 copies generated.) I can write the rest off as public service.

  6. Oh and I retain all rights to the image--which, as I said, is under a Creative Commons, non-commercial license, so other folks can use it for non-profit purposes with glee. Do people really do things with glee? Glee sounds like a cleaning product from the 50s.

    Ok, too many rimshots there.