Friday, June 01, 2007

Music Nostalgia Weekend on 105 the SigNo!

I was rummaging through my CD drawer looking for some old CD (I don't even remember what now) when it struck me I really should just put the remaining CDs that I haven't ripped yet onto my computer, given that I haven't actually listened to a CD in more than a year. (The arrival of my spiftastic Airport with Airtunes thingamajob completely reduced my need to listen to CDs given that it plugs into the stereo and I stream music to it from various computers.) Consequently it has been an afternoon of mild music nostalgia. Best re-find? It has to be Butter 8:

Butter 08Butter of 69

Not only do the Cibbo Matto girls sing, but Russell Simons from Jon Spencer Blues Explosion drums up a massive set. I looked at the date on it and about died: 1996.

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