Friday, June 08, 2007

Welcome home!

Welcome home!, originally uploaded by Theorris.

Former Wilhelm inmate Nathan is back from Korea for a visit. He'll be going back to Korea in September. In the mean time he plans on plenty of disc golf and wandering the West.


  1. he looks tired.

    by the way, does that shirt say "I love hot moms" ?

  2. Either Jeff just made fun of his mom, or he has jetlag.

  3. Okay, I suppose you think you're living a full life or something by all this non-blogging. I've seen the Flickr photos. I know what you're up to, and I'm here to tell you to cut it out. Blog, for crying out loud. Blog ABOUT the disc golf you're playing. Blog ABOUT your living a full life project. Just blog. Gosh.

  4. Kendrakoo: yes, it does say that.

    SC: jetlag.

    lisab: welcome to the wonderful interconnections. I'm photoriphic these days. I'll throw a few of those on.