Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"Yo! Yo! Yo! SLTrib Cribs in the House Ya'll!"

I received this in the email today:

Hi [Theorris],

Long time no see. I hope you're doing well. I'm now working as a staff reporter from the Trib's magazine, IN. Every week we do an MTV Cribs-style story where we tour a cool person's house and take photos. I was hoping you'd be up for it. It's pretty fun. We also have a short profile of the person at the start. All together, the interview and photos should take an hour. Please let me know if you'd like to do it or know someone who would.


[Reporter Friend]
I had to look in the self-perception mirror and wonder if it was really me she was addressing this to as I have never qualified myself nor my abode (whereever that may be) with the term cool. I am also vaguely amused at the idea of showing off my clothes-strewn bedroom, but no doubt the folks would want to just stick to the living areas where all the borrowed ART resides. (Ever see that episode of Kids in the Hall where the guy borrows his friend's ART--said with great pronunciation of the A?) The whole thing seems vaguely embarassing and loaded with a lot of potential mockery of your gentle narrator.

My question is to you, dear reader, what the hell would you do?

Update: (1 July 2006)

Ok I'm going to do it. That pussy remark, E, made me realize I was being a twonk about it. What the hell do I care about what people think?

Hi [Theorris],

I'm glad you're willing to do it! Let me get in touch with you after July 4
about the best time. It'll be within the next two weeks. Tiffany's going to
do it, too. Thanks also for the leads. I did ask Candace early on, but she
has moved back in with her father because she's getting her MSW.


[Ace Reporter Friend]


  1. No, dear blogger, the question is, what would we have _you_ do? And the answer: I personally would have you do the story. I saw you today--you have a cool haircut. You qualify.

  2. Well my haircut is aside from the point.

    My question is quite relevant since I have in mind several of you all to nominate in my stead. So the question remains: what the hell would you do?

  3. Wow, hmm, who else have they done? Are you ready for you and your abode to be labeled "cool", publically?

    Sounds like fun, actually.

  4. Don't be a pussy! (sorry, I just wanted to say that once as an adult)

  5. Man you get show them the Wilhelm. The helm is a housing masterpiece.

  6. Heh I haven't been taunted with that since 9th grade, E.

    To quote our illustrious leader: "Bring it on!"

  7. Anonymous2:50 PM

    I would have you obstinately refuse to modify the Wilhelm (i.e. clean up the beer cans or underpants) just because some nifty reporter is going to come over and snoop around in your cool.

    We've all seen grandma's plastic-covered sofa already.

    --Johnny T.

  8. heh, "snoop around in your cool"