Monday, June 19, 2006

Best CD's borrowed from the SLC Public Library recently

This is a really hard call. Hot Chip Comming on Strong has a sound to it that seems organic in its first playing, and then seems like a tribute to a variety of artists on other listenings. Plus it just rocks like nothing and makes you just want to give up your day job and take up being in a band. The first tracks drag you in and you can't help but catch on to them.

Sinead O'Connor's Collaborations, on the other hand, is a compilation of her work with other artists. (And I know that last link sucks, but that' s all I could find that seems official.) Aside from some rather unfortunate work with U2 and the ever-boring Peter Gabriel, the whole of the collection is very strong with Bomb the Bass' "Empire" leading the way for compelling music. There is a broad range featuring O'Connor's perfect voice: some political and some just downright sexy and overwhelming. (Did I ever tell you I have a thing for Sinead's voice? God damn that woman can sing. Oh wow. If only every woman could sing like she can.) Sorry about that. I was just fantasizing for a moment. Did I ever tell you I have a thing for Sinead O'Connor? It probably has something to do with the Irish girl I was desperately in love with once. (Hey and no bald chicks jokes, suckas. She's grown her hair out now, but still chicks who shave their heads are sexy in my book. Remember the woman from Star Trek I? VEEJUR! VEEJUR! ) But I digress.

So which is the best?


I'll leave that up to you. They'll both be back in the SLC Public Library by the 24th of June.


  1. Sinead is kooky but cool. I used to be quite a big fan up until Universal Mother when I started to lose interest. She's an interesting story b/c she quit making music (for record companies) 3 or 4 years ago...I guess she couldn't take the media obnoxiousness anymore. Given all of the "best of" and "collaborations" CDs, my guess is that her heart hasn't been in it for some time and the record company was trying to squeeze every penny from the record-buying public.

    The media treats her like she's this crazy arch-feminist almost-dyke...That can't comprehend that anyone wouldn't want stardom. It's unfathomable, I guess.

  2. The Lion and the Cobra is a pretty much perfect recording. I hereby add it to my list of Pretty Much Perfect Recordings (also on the list: Kind of Blue, Blue (Joni M.), Abbey Road (excluding or including Octopus's Garden, depending on my mood)).

  3. we went to waterloo & cheapos yesterday. we got starlight mints, the ditty bops, the streets and old jars of clay.

    i know that doesn't respond to your question, but i wanted to share our music coolness.

    of course we did buy old school!