Monday, June 26, 2006

Who in the what now?

Baseball season is upon us!
Originally uploaded by latejc1976.

Possible captions: "See what happens when you get stung by a bee" or "Man those sideburns have got to go."

By the way, why have I overheard the etymology of the word "sideburn" 3 times since last week? (They are named for Civil War General Burnside.)


  1. I was just going to say that your coiffure looks super-stylish. Nice, in fact.

  2. The 'burns look great! I say go longer. Maybe around to meet under your nose.

    Fun with facial hair.

  3. Well thanks for the votes of confidence, I suppose. I was going to go for the mutton chop look, but then I realized I had a job.

  4. Exactly. You already have the job, you aren't looking so you have a little wiggle room here. It can fall under a religious category. Just say you aren't quite Amish. That might confuse them enough you get a chance to run away.

    C'mon. I'll give you a dollar if you do it.

  5. Hmm. Maybe when I'm done with my speech tomorrow.