Wednesday, June 14, 2006

May the throwing of things begin!

"It is getting close. Solitude supposedly openned last weekend, and I'm itching for another season of mountain disc golf. As it rained on Saturday, however, Melongrab and I decided to stay down in the valley."
I am also looking forward to sharpening up my regular golf game, improving my ringer ability in horeshoes (I only managed to nab one the last time we played), revisiting tennis for the first time since I've taken up regular golf, playing late-night basketball at the newly discovered hidden hoops in my hood, doing mad biking on the shoreline trail, taking up bocce, and, of course, developing a kick-ass extreme croquet course in the mighty yard of Wilhelm greatness. Did I leave anything out? Well camping and hiking of course, but that's just something you do here in God's country. It is like breathing.