Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The mirror has two faces

I honestly think some of the best and most fun writing I've done in a long long long long ass time was in the now retired Osterblog. With the help of friends Middlebrow and High Touch, we created something special--something FANtastic.


"Nothing to see here. Move along," the Jazz were saying yesterday like a Monty Python version of a British cop; all the while they knew that behind their outstretched arms was a train wreck. (Osterblog, "Chaotic Stability")

Dang if I don't feel like some fancy sports writer. Note the expert use of a semicolon.

Oh shadow!


  1. I do feel a twinge everytime I see the "osterblog" link. Partly for the blog, partly for the O, and partly for basketball, which goes into hibernation now.

  2. I miss Osterblog, even though I was never "official." The invite disappeared into the ether many a time, saving me true hardship, I suppose, but I'm still experiencing great loss. I think O-blog should be put to the chopping block, because every once in a while I click on it and nothing's happening over there and it's a fresh hell every damn time...

  3. Nay nay nay, my friends! Where is archival intergrity in all this? How can we let the effervescent Osterblog fall into oblivion?!