Friday, July 22, 2005

What to do? What to do!

I was gearing up for another hot day (this time not at work, so therefore unless I stay in the basement or turn on costly A/C, I would have to find some place else to go) but now it seems like it is going to be far cooler than the past few days: it is just in the low 70's at 8:14 and it is cloudy. It is kind of balmy cool out--not exceedingly humid like other places have it, but humid enough that you notice the difference in SLC. So now I need to change plans since being inside if it is remotely non-life-threating seems like such a waste.

I think I'll go for a hike. Dog Lake sounds kind of nice.


  1. Did you have a water-side supper with riparian entertainment?

  2. jealous here....

  3. isn't it horrible, kendra?