Friday, July 01, 2005

Snow ticking

Lots of ideas racing around in my head as I sit here on my porch at 1:00 am:
  1. Way of the Puck (no The): brilliant movie. I was most interested in Mark, a man who seems to equate air hockey with everything in life, and the brilliant analysis of what it all means by the psychologist guy (sorry I am at a loss for name right now, and he has a blog--find it at Sleepy E's). Analysis of what it all means. Even though it is a rough cut, Sleepy has spun together an interesting cast of people, and the narrative flow, although not dirrect, carries one through to some great conversation about what it is to be 1) human 2) male 3) alive.
  2. Theodore Roethke. I really want to write about him. I proclaimed him the best poet of the 20th century, afterall.
  3. Unity.
  4. Purpose.

It is quiet and cool here on the porch. I hear traffic far off on the highway. It is a lot like the sound of a freight train moving through a sedate green valley at midnight: the sound of movement over there, but not here. Never here. I like that.

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  1. Wow, thanks for the high praise, Sig. This is just on the tail end of getting my first scathing review about a week ago (a friend of mine (female) who really hated it). I didn't realize it had such a male point of view but now that you mention it I realize it is very much about maleness.

    It's too bad: I sent Middlebrow a copy of the new cut yesterday, which is ten minutes shorter. Personally, I think it is much tighter and more organized than before...but I always balk at too much slimming down. In movies it's the throwaway shots and scenes that get cut, but those are the special weird things that make the movie unique and enjoyable. In writing it's more acceptable to leave these riffs and digressions in, but in film it's bad news...even though I personally find it more interesting to be slightly baggy instead of too stripped down.

    I always say that Tarantino needs a better editor...His films are way too long and boring and self-indulgent...but then if he did that he wouldn't really be Tarantino anymore...he'd be like everyone else. Same with Life Aquatic...It's a big baggy mess, but that seems to be the whole point.