Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Rocky Mountain Review or sports re-cap is just another genre

Middlebrow and I took in the rookie Jazz team at the Rocky Mountain Review. The Jazz have some great potential in their draft picks: Miles, though young, has some great moves and court presence; Whaley has moves that remind me a lot of a young (but less violent) Karl Malone. Whaley snagged a passel of rebounds (both offensive and defensive) and scored a fair amount in the paint. He lacks an outside game, but they might have just been trying him out in the inside. Middlebrow things he had a double double. I have no access to stats to say if he did or not.

Other notable walk-ons in the review are 7 footer Forth who doesn't look 7 foot and ran circles around Dallas 7'5 Podkolzin. Disappointing performances came from Wisconsin hopeful Wilkinson who although trying, lacked any game at all, and 1-year-veterans Snyder and Humphries looked like they were completely uninterested in being there. Humphries was a ball hog in the worst sense, and Snyder, although he seemed to be trying on defense, lacked any shooting ability and quickly gave up even trying to take wide-open shots.

The young Jazz came close, but couldn't match Dallas's defensive intesity lead by Congan rookie Mbenga.


  1. What about young Deron Williams? How'd he do? I love, by the way, when Tyrone Corbin says, "The young guy did great!"

  2. I think he just played a few uninspired minutes last night. Mid-B might recall him more.

  3. Deron Williams is the real deal. He's a tough, physical guard with great court awareness, soft hands, and a sweet ass (yes, sweet ass) mid range shot.

  4. Anonymous3:14 PM

    so, there might be some hope in a new Jazz team of future? Good news if I ever move back to Utah.