Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I think Middlebrow and I were discussing broken bones over pints Guiness at the newish Irish Pub-like restaurant thing here in good old SLC. He recounted his benign-tumor caused basketball break, and friend Jeff told his tale of woe and intrigue of breaking his arm twice. I then recounted my strange little story of breaking my arm, but refusing to tell anyone for fear of punishment.

"You know we should have a zine devoted to broken bone stories," Mid-B concluded. I was going to mention the ill-fated WASH (at one time a would-be real-life 'zine that more into a would-be online 'zine--neither really took off) at that point, but decided to let it pass. I'm still interested in making a 'zine such as WASH (and maybe even call it that still), but perhaps it is better just to have you, gentle reader, recount a story of broken bone(s) on your own blogilatination.

Post your URL in the comments. Remember it should be a tale of bones broken--bones.


  1. I haven't broken any bones(knock on wood) but Charles has a doozy of a story.

    Well, I have broken some toes.

  2. Can we widen the blog to include any interesting injury narratives? I have a great rock fight/stitches story.

    You forgot to mention that my broken arm story included the laying on of hands. Sleepy E is witness to the fact that a man we were playing b-ball with tried to heal my broken arm on site. Broken upper arm: $3,456. Having someone try to heal you with the power of Jesus: pricleless.

  3. Ok, ok. But I have a broken nose story. Does cartilage count?

  4. Hmm. I'm not sure. Was some bone involved? A minor crack in the bridge?

  5. My favorite quote from M-Brow's arm-breaking tale: "I saw my bone bend, I saw my bone break."

  6. Anonymous5:49 PM

    So, this one time I was totally drunk off my ass and...

    well, I guess nothing actually got broken...I've been damn lucky in this far.

    But I did see a guy fall down the 'stairs' leading into the hole in the floor of the men's room at the Twilight Lounge in downtown SLC. He nearly had a compound was nasty, his arm looked like one a' them zig-zagged bars used for cranking up a cheap car jack. Poor bastard was in some serious pain...till we got him into the er at the U. and full of opiates.

    kinda buggered out the whole evening...but it was a good dare. Never did go back down to that basement either.

  7. When I was 10 I was playing with some friends on our old barn roof--it was a tin roof that extended down to about 3 ft. above the ground and up to about 20 ft above the ground. At the top of the pitch it just ended, like it was half of a building. Anyway, my friends and I thought it would be nifty to run down the roof and then jump off into a pile of dirt.

    I think it must have gotten competitive since my last words were, as I walked backwards up the tin roof, were: "I'm going to run from the very..." Things are a bit of a blur at that point as I had walked off the end of the roof.

    I landed on my back with my arm underneath me, my head about a foot away from an old cement watering trough for our horses. Amazingly after all that, I'd only broken my wrist.

    The arm hurt but I loved the cast--for a few months I was one of the top tether ball champions as my cast allowed me to wallop the ball like I never could before with my puny little arm attached to my 50 pound body. My championship reign ended after my cast broke in half after a particulary hard serve on the tether ball court.

  8. I used my cast as a tool too--mostly a defense weapon against my brothers, but all that stopped when they had to replace it.

  9. I once broke my arm by falling out of a treehouse! How embarrassing...