Saturday, July 09, 2005

I need a money belt

Moments like this make me think of Rick Steves as he Lutherans his way through Europe. You never see Mr. Steves facing flight delays or having to worry that his luggage was not properly removed from one airline and transferred to another. You never see him having a security search (although his over-midwesterness and propensity to travel in Turkey makes him very suspicious). He never has to deal with children running him down on the concourse. You never see him trying to remain calm while talking with officiously surly airlline personell. You never see the Rickster anywhere an airport for that matter.

Ah Rick and his happy-go-lucky travels through Europe! I'm sure tucked away somewhere in his money belt are horse-pill-sized Xanax.


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  2. You can always get one at the next pledge break. I believe it's the gift at the $300 level.