Saturday, July 16, 2005

Seven at noon

I) Kansas City Airport has wireless, so I can blog my existence here on this fine muggy Saturday noontide.
I a.) The gates at KC are seperated from the rest of concourse by glass walls. People stand on the otherside of the glass looking in at we travelers like we are some zoo exhibit. I feel like I should be doing tricks or flpis or whatnot--like that gibon at whatever zoo you happen to visit. You know him--he's at every zoo. He gets up on his pole or his rock or his junked car (I saw that in a zoo in Kansas a long time ago), stares at his human gawkers and then goes into a routine of leaps and howls and, if your lucky, masculine posturing meant to intimidate or perhaps excite. My feel zoo inmates would no doubt think it very odd if I started to hoot and howl at the people on the other side of the glass, but I can amuse myself by the thought.

II) I don't really look like Nixon at all, I've decided.

III) I want to go to Orions when I get home and buy some CDs. I'm looking for some more R&B, I think. Maybe Rockabilly like Charlie Feathers. There was this record store in Lawrence that I kept passing by and could never go in because we got out of sessions later than its hours.

IV) The kids in the "Peotry Club" (as they now stylishly taken on their own dyslexic spelling as a badge of honor) at the College are funny. Their chief instagator is an unabashed Harry Potter fan and organized the group to go (in costume I gather) down to the Gateway Wind Tunnel[TM] to buy the book at midnight last night.

V) My iShuffle in iTunes is iUnstable. In the course of a few minutes it has played Rockabilly (thus the Charlie Feather's reference) Post Rock (Kinky "My God Is So Quiet") Classical (Tchaikovsky--how the hell did he get on there?) Sonic Youth and Beck (which I would probably classify in the same 90s Rock/Post Rock category.

VI) Frontier Airline has animals on their airplanes. On ours is an owl. If you know my work you might find that amusing.

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  1. Well, you could have thrown something at your spectators.

    That's what the higher primates do at zoos, so I've heard.