Sunday, July 10, 2005

Stay hungry

The flight was uneventful. I used to be openly hostile to the question "how was the flight?" since I see that as a pretty dumb question. I mean obviously I made it because I am talking to whomever it is I'm talking to and pretty much the only thing that would be worth commenting on would be either 1) fiery death or 2) near fiery death. I mean commenting on the state of the snack seems a little mundane, and turbulence halfway through the flight is pretty obvious, so I guess it is a fair answer to say "The bottom of the aircraft did not fall out, not causing me to plummet 30,000 feet to sure death." It my smart-ass days I would have said just that. Now I just usually shrug and say "Fine." I shrug a lot and say "fine" to a variety of things these days.

My limousine service (in KC limousine means white Econoline van) reeks of B.O. We're talking Seinfeld-level here. When the driver mentioned that he had someone else to pick up, I had a queasy/funny thought that I would be spending the next week being a "summer institute leader" with someone who suspects me of having poor hygiene. Lucky for me the other passenger was coming to Lawrence for a conference devoted to health care on reservations, and had nothing to do with the thing I'm here for at all.

I'm staying at the Holiday Inn for one night and then will move to the previously mentioned haunted hotel. I don't know if it will have wireless access, but I'm sure I can get hooked up on KU campus.

By the way, I'm hungry and there is not a scrap of food in the hotel.

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