Sunday, July 10, 2005

Secret pleasures in the heartland

As usual whenever I go to a town where there isn't that much to do and I am waiting, I spend entirely too much time watching Cartoon Network and wondering exactly when I entered second childhood. I'm sure that one of the side benefits of having kids is that you get to watch cartoons with them, and pretend that you are only doing it to bond rather than for one's own pleasure.

Now, of course, watching cartoons is not exactly childish these days, but I remember distinctly that day as a teenager when I gave them up as "childish." I'm sure it had something to do with my older brother (8 years my senior) who still watched them at 22, and the fact that I wanted to be absolutely nothing like him, and saw the whole of cartoondom as peurile. So I gave up my beloved Superfriends, and my old Warner Bros. pals. I suppose a side benefit is that I took up reading more seriously then, but, man I was a snobby brat in those days.


  1. Yes, the Superfriends! Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

  2. I think it's a requisite of adolesence to be a snooby brat.

  3. Hey, have you ever listened to the Carl Stalling Project (I think there's 2 volumes now)? This is crazy music from some of the old Looney Toons episodes (Porky in Wackyland, etc). I highly recommend it for anyone who 1) likes Looney Toons, 2) likes weird manic music, 3) likes to have fun in life.

    I warn you, though: This CD is totally divisive and will kill a party quicker than Winger, or Nelson, or 2 Live Crew. This is music to giggle to when you sit down to study but don't really want to study.