Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Day 3: Cabin Experience

For a split second when you were checking in,
You thought you had fooled the machine and
It was going to let you upgrade to first class
But no, when you clicked seat 1A the screen
Darkened, and a red frame box popped up over
The map of first class seats, so spacious in their

"This cabin experience is not available to you"
For a moment you are sad that it didn't even
Say "sorry," but then were happy that it didn't
Mock your bank balance, or note how sore
Your knees would be by the end of the flight
"This cabin experience is not available to you"
You click the box closed, and go back to

The person in front of you is the kind of person
Who makes the most of their lot in life and
Leans back into you.  You are not the kind of
Person that makes the most of your lot in
Life, but you struggle to not push that little
Silver disk which is currently gouging your

But hey, you have a window seat, at least there
Is that, and you can watch the country roll away
Under you, nothing but fifty thousand feet of
Emptiness between you and the yellow tan hardness
Green circle upon circles sprinklered across the

The farmers must be wizards to pull green from
Such ochre madness. You imagine them standing
Before their blood drenched altar, offering the
Fatted calf to Baal that he might send the rains
Lord of Rain and Dew, hear our prayer!  Hear, O

"Excuse me," the kind old lady crammed in next
To you says touching your arm.  "Excuse me," and
You expect her to add "young man," but she doesn't
"Excuse me, would you mind closing your blind?
I can't see my screen." And you are the kind of person
Who doesn't make a fuss, who respects his elders
That are probably just five years older than you
And you close your blind, closing out the Lord of
Rain and Dew.

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