Sunday, April 29, 2018

Day 29: phrases heard from three television announcers while watching the final three minutes of a basketball game

Costly turnover there
Don't tell me you want to win, show me
Willing to get his jersey dirty
Straight and true at the free throw line
I see what you did there
That rattles home
Fought tooth and nail all series long
If they are fortunate enough to succeed
If you want to move on, you're going to have to be better
This is how you say 'put me in coach'
Its a difference-maker
There was a lot of contact all over the place
They're coming alive here in the second half
Strong side cover, weak side cover: it doesn't matter
There goes that man
We have to have discussion
I just don't think they are that good
Matching up against an iconic player
Forget about it coach, I was healthy and read and you didn't play me
But he steped up
And its on to the second round
The kind of respect you expect from this hard fought

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