Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Day 17: The Philosopher

Aristotle said
"One cannot say
 of something that it is
 and that it is not
 in the same respect
 and at the same time."
Or he said
"It is impossible that
 the same thing belong
 and not belong
 to the same thing
 at the same time
 and in the same respect."
Or he said
 "No one can believe
 that the same thing
 can (at the same time)
 be and not be."
Or he said
 "The most certain
 of all basic principles
 is that contradictory
propositions are not
true simultaneously."
Or he said
Those birds just spring
Out of the mud, their
Vegetative soul

While these in and of
Themselves are not
Against the speaking
Of which you forbid &
Forfend yourself, they
Hold three truths, or
Three falsehoods, de-
Pendant on the hanging
Of the fruit from the
Tree just before it drops
to the ground and you
Will never see it float

It cannot float up since
It cannot go against
The internal love the
Apple has for the ground
Which loves it more
Than a feather which
Floats slower to the
Earth, because air loves
It more

Metaphysics is physics
To the Philosopher
Every action has & does
Not have an opposite

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