Sunday, April 15, 2018

Day 14: Weightless

For five hundred million years they have
Fluttered their slow dance in warm waters
Circling each other in blind pirouettes
Light catching their tendril appendages

While the land lay sharp and barren in the
Burning ultraviolet, they performed their
Gentle cumbia, starting with the right
And then going back, then left in place
Coming together now repeat on the left
And back

For millions of years the dance spun on
And on, never changing, never growing
Always repeating on the left and back
While the world grew on and the land
Became lush and green and sweet flowers
Spread across the black sand voids, rock
Broken by fibrous roots, drawing life
From stone

And their dance carries on to the roiling
Undulant rhythm of blue green waves
One after another after another after the

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