Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Day 25: Twenty-five

What an odd number, twenty-five
Is it one word like fifteen
Or is it conjoined with a
Hyphen?  Does it have nothing but
Blank space?

Is twenty-five some sort of
Double baker's dozen, or do you
Have to double every single donut--
Every cookie--and that would hand you

Twenty-five is one more hour
Than a day. It is the time when
Witches creep out of the dark
Corners to conjure fiends from

A shave and a haircut used
To cost twenty-five cents or
Two bits.  You could not buy
A shave for Just a single bit,

And of course, twenty-five is held
Sacred by greedy children who
Lay awake all night, waiting for
The time when parents let them

Twenty-five is when you
First really feel old. It is the age
When you are should be done:
Baked and frosted and put on

Cast your spells in twenty-five words
And you will summon the spirit of a
Sweet confection glazed and worthy
Of both childhood and adulthood

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