Monday, April 02, 2018

Day 2: Last Frost

"Remember that one year you planted out
Too soon? Those tomatoes you spent three months
Coddling just curled up black against the black

You should really know better than trying
That again mister, such a shame to waste
Springtime hope like that if you know what I

You don't?  Well don't go planting your toma-
Toes when it is just April. You never know
When we'll get snow around here. Frost hits us

The neighbor leans on his shovel harder
Emphasizing words with his hand cupped on
The handle top. You hate him since he is

And planting out now will lead to certain
Doom, but, there is always a chance that wave
Of warm hope on the Pacific will not

And you will be two weeks ahead of this
Shovel-leaning buffoon who scoffs at your
Temerity to push the bounds of last

"Write a poem about failure, or about a time you failed."

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