Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ghostland Observatory

Ghostland Observatory
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I witnessed Ghostland Observatory at At the Venue in SLC (sorry At the Venue is the place's name).

The Templar cape was well-chosen. The crowd went chaotic at the end and joined the pair on stage.

Great show. I have no idea how in the hell the singer sings the way he does, night after night and is still spot on. You have to listen to him to understand the energy he puts into it. It is like a super-amped falsetto with range. They certainly engaged the crowd.

Boom--boom--boom. Grind.

I haven't been writing enough about my musical adventures lately. Perhaps a sea-change is in order for this old blog. The Justice thema has been quite effective, but now that summer is in the offing, I feel the need to be hedonistic: now maybe it is bump-and-groove time.

Six months might be the length that one (meaning I) can extend a blog thema, anyway.

Don't want to get stale now, do we? (Meaning me.)

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  1. Interesting.

    I'm ready for some new music, I'm tired of the same ol'.