Saturday, May 24, 2008

Damn horses and their chesnuts anyway

They are beautiful trees, especially when they are in blossom, but my hell they put me down for the count: Aesculus hippocastanum or the common Horse Chestnut. There is a nice specimen across the street; the only one I have found in my neighborhood. My reaction is lethargy and feeling like I have a cold; itchy eyes. It all started the first thing when I walked out my door this morning. I felt a sudden dizziness. Now the skin on my face is mildly irritated.

I've checked my blog, and every year around the time of chestnut bloom, all I want to do is sleep. One year I went so far to take Claritin--big mistake. It just gave me insomnia. I also had other well-described drug reactions to Claritin, but I will spare you.

Of course, this all could be a reaction to Highschool Musicl 2 which has commandeered our abandoned neighborhood school's basketball courts too. Oh well, the way I'm feeling, I couldn't be assed to even throw a ball.


  1. Maybe you are allergic to High School Musical.

  2. Benadryl! No Insonmia!


  3. Love the idea of checking blog entries during a same time period to find patterns. It seems we often just see what's directly in front or behind us without much personal historical analysis--maybe I overstate. But, as evidence, once I happened to notice in my running/biking journal that I'd been sick 5 out of 6 years during December. Knowledge gained from personal historical analysis: do not take anytime off.