Thursday, May 01, 2008

"We have to cure ourselves of the itch for absolute knowledge and power"

Recently Ben Stein has been on the warpath for his movie Expelled, proclaiming that science makes us murderers. I have the chutzpa to refer Mr. Stein (and the zealots who may follow him) to Jacob Bronowski who also had family members killed in the Holocaust: Signifying nothing: Feeling forward (4/29/2007).

Bronowski was a scientist and a fervent Darwinian. Along with the murder of his family in Nazi death camps, he also witnessed the aftermath of the nuclear attack on Hiroshima.

I tend to trust his thoughtful perspective over a Nixon speech writer, Ferris Bueller actor, and game show host.


  1. I am studiously ignoring the Stein movie. It looks stupid. Although I did love Ferris Bueller and his part in it.

  2. And that shows the depth of his thought, I fear. How sad that someone could take on an idiotic proposition like he has.