Friday, May 23, 2008

Good fences make good neighbors or Appologies to Sleepy E

So I hadn't even heard of the phenomenon that is Highschool Musical until Counterintuitive mentioned it in passing a few months ago. I still have no idea what this is all about, but I am well-aware that it is some TV-fanstical thingamagoo.

Now the relevance of this is that, apparently, they have been filming scenes of its sequel (Highschool Musical 2?) a street away from my house. So far over the last 3 nights, I've noted 2,417 white vans carrying cast and crew roving by my house and various prop school buses.

As I write boom lights loom high above the trees to the south. The light streaks white across the wood of my floor through the living room French doors. I confuse it with the full moon. The cat lolls in its bright reality.

This production is definitely much busier, but not as impressive as the Danny Glover movie that took place right next to my house up in the Avenues of SLC. (I'm too lazy and busy to look up the link to that extravaganza right now.)

So what's my point? Something in me really wants to disrupt their production. I have no idea why, but it just seems so, well, wrong. Why do people celebrate their reality by allowing the fiction to come into it, transform it, and then film it? Does it really make you famous? Why do people gather to watch them film? Is it really that much of a spectacle?

Perhaps it is that people feel close to the production of the thing that they watch and that they know many others watch. It is the proxy of being watched oneself: the center of attention.



I don't get why people really want that sort of fame. Can you explain it to me?

Still, spring is the mischief in me and I wonder, would I be shooed away if I walked over with my video camera?

"Paparazzi!" I can hear them cry.

Stone on stone.

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  1. "the proxy of being watched oneself: the center of attention"--that probably sums it up. Whatever the motives, I have a shy 10 year old daughter who would readily take up residence at the Wilhelm for just a chance of peeking in on HM2.