Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Justice (or lack there of)

Mr. Teeth
Originally uploaded by Theorris

Sometimes I think I would be really cool if we lived in water, as opposed to air, like Mr. Teeth here (taken in New Orleans at the Aquarium there).

Now with that, the Jazz outplayed the Lakers tonight, despite the loss. Home cooking at its finest, as good old Hot Rod says. That's how the NBA works, after all, particularly when you are a big market team against a small market.

Can you name the time when a small market team won against a big market? Nope, you can't because it ain't happened. San Antonio might be the closest, but Texas is not exactly small market.

Mr. Teeth will always win out.


  1. I'm now even more relieved I don't have TNT--it would have been too painful.

  2. It was HIDEOUS, horrible homering. Awful. Made much much worse by the commentators who were engaging in the very worst kind of Laker Idolatry. I would like an actual count of the number of times they used the words "Kobe" and "MVP" as they were "commenting" (read: worshiping). Ugh.