Thursday, May 01, 2008

Welcome to May!

Here it is May 1 and there is snow at the Wilhelm. Ah the winter that refuses to leave. It is kind of nice, actually, given that it will, I hope, lead to a cooler than average summer--one in which we won't see it break 100 here in SLC.

Of course, it could be a sing of Cooler Climate May Hit N. America, Europe Next Decade, which I am sure Rush Limbaugh and his equally sedentary fans (both of mind and body) will blather about endlessly.


  1. I'm much happier now that the ground is green with grass! Now..just waiting for the ducklings!

  2. no matter what you think it ain't nice;; hail one day and snow the next ain't nice, not nice at all.

  3. Nah, it is nice, CI. Very nice. Think about how great 90 degree weather will be without having to suffer 100+ degree weather.

    I like that.